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Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Taiyang Property takes excellent care of our customers. We run all the necessary checks and due diligence on every project we work with, choosing only the most reputable developers to ensure that the delivery is on schedule with each project.

One of the crucial steps in process of buying real-estate here is Due Diligence. It has to be done thoroughly so that the decision to complete a purchase can be made with complete trust and confidence.

Before signing on the dotted line and becoming the legal owner of a property, therefore, it is important to go through the steps on the due diligence checklist.

1.  Know the Marketplace

Our company has been working in the Thai Real Estate market for more than 6 years. We are confident in knowing every aspect of the Real Estate purchasing process, as well as having done the proper research to accurately gauge the appropriate price of the home in a given territory, as an assurance to our customers that they receive the  best deal possible.

2. Visit the property.

It’s an important part of the process of choosing the right real-state for you.

As professionals in the industry it is our obligation to deliver all the facts about a property directly to the client, therefore preventing the case of “lemon law” (in real estate terminology: it’s a property that has a hidden defect you don’t know about until you’ve already completed the purchase). 

We encourage our clients to see & get as much detailed information as possible about the project and the location of property chosen.

3.  Zoning Laws

Confirm the zoning designation of your desired property, and make sure its current use complies with the rules.

4. The Most Recent Land Survey 

As a buyer you need to be aware of the various land title deeds which exist to understand what you are being offered. A large percentage of the land in Phuket is not titled or accurately surveyed. We make sure the projects have all of the appropriate and fully notarized documents, such as:

Certificate for the ownership of land, Document certifying the use of land issued and maintained by the District Land Office to the proprietor;

Accurately surveyed title,  Condominium title and building permits.

All that, as well as the developer’s background have to be thoroughly checked before offering the property to our clients.

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